Power Tap: Idle Clicker App Reviews

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Great game, maybe add another feauture?

The game is great so far, why not add one more feature? The bank free upgrades are extremely slow. Maybe add an upgrade that costs you money for the bank? (Make sure you can do it at any time.)The first upgrade can cost 500 cash and next upgrades can cost 1.5 times the previous upgrade. I hope this update will be made.

Slow and not effective

Once you pass about 25 things start to slow really quickly as things need an insane amount of power and please remove the timed ones and besides energy per second where money per second the bank is basically useless as the free upgrades are too slow and when you restart to get a point when you add them and use them they seem insufficient and not that much of a change please fix this games and add a feature to choose what level you want to stay on than constantly moving forward making progress slower

Not bad

It's an ok clicker the real problem is that it's far far too short. You only need to get to level 20 to get an upgrade point. At which point you restart and repeat once you have 10 or so points all in income or energy generation it takes literally a few minutes to get to restart again. Once you have 10 In both you can go all the way to level 40 getting 2 upgrade it's rather quickly per restart. Once they're both at 15 or so you can get to level 60, the end of the game and get 4 upgrade pts. I now have 60 points in both and can run the game in literally under 5 minutes. There's just no replay value. It took less than 3 hours to get to the point of no point playing anymore. They need to increase the level cap dramatically like to level 1,000 or so there's not even any value in opening up the bank for me as it won't get through its first upgrade and im already at level 60 ready to restart the game.

Super slow and a big banner at top of screen

Game is lacking lots of common features like offline time. They recently turned on a banner at top of screen that feels like it actually blocking gameplay. After putting points in to restart it takes forever to get back. Music puts me to sleep. Cool concept but poor implementation. I guess it's obvious the developers didn't play there own game.

Incredibly Boring

This is one of the most bland clickers that I have ever played. I don't understand the positive reviews.

Very well done

Simple but not. Roulette and stock market added to the normal "tapping" game rules. Great job to this Dev!

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